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I had been able to go visit him once over the summer.

We explored parts of Germany, France, and Luxembourg on an amazing trip.

And if I joined him in Germany, I would have to give up the career I had been building. It’s one of the first descriptors I use when I tell people about myself.

When my son Dan returned home from his freshman year of college, he was dealing with severe OCD.

Family accommodation, for those who have not dealt with OCD directly, is when a family member participates or assists in the rituals of their relative with OCD.

He was home for about a month before heading off to a world-renowned residential treatment program, and during his time with us I just wanted to keep his anxiety levels down and make everything all right. ”), altering a family’s plans or routine, and giving in to your loved one’s OCD-related requests.

That was my “mother’s instinct.” If Dan wanted to sit in a certain seat or eat only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at midnight, I let him. By accommodating in these ways, we are basically adding fuel to the fire.