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She noted Jackson’s apology, but when asked if the comment reflected her point of view, De Vos said simply, “We are listening and we know that this policy has not worked in too many ways and in too many places, and we need to get it right.”De Vos, who was sitting down with reporters at the department's headquarters for the first time since she took office last February, also dodged a question about whether working for President Trump, who in 2005 admitted to unwanted sexual advances on women, makes it harder for her to make progress on the topic. Meet with new people, text them, share photos, be friends, convert friendship into love, date and flirt. Join in for a friendly mobile phone chat with them.

Several schools had multiple cases pending, including Kansas State University and Indiana University at Bloomington with five each, the department list shows. The school has been embroiled in controversy over its handling of sexual assault allegations, and several women have sued.

As Science of Us reported last week, a new study lends some empirical weight to a commonsense notion: Casual sex confers certain psychological benefits upon the folks who seek it out. Vrangalova’s study and many others focus on college students, and, as a whole, society tends to talk about “hookup culture” as being mostly about twentysomethings.

Since psychologists are still early on in their attempts to shake off the puritanism that has draped conversations about casual sex in favor of actual studies and legitimate data, Science of Us asked Zhana Vrangalova, an them. “We know very little about casual sex past college age and how it’s related to mental health or anything else, really,” wrote Vrangalova in an email. Casual sex can mean different things in different contexts.

“Thus far, most studies, even longitudinal ones, have examined relatively short-term effects: from a week to a year,” wrote Vrangalova, whose own study fits in this category.

“More research is needed on what happens over several years orlonger.” 4. Men desire casual sex more than women, “but whether that’s due to cultural or biological reasons remains a contested debate,” as Vrangalova told us.