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It should refer to taking the component parts of a redundant object and using them to create a new, useful object, thereby reducing the use of virgin materials." While the PR-speak and corporate greenwash of some companies are to be avoided, there are increasing numbers of designers and makers who are upcycling for real.

Two of his most recent designs, a memorial bench for regeneration consultancy, Renaisi, and a giant farmhouse table for a private commission, were made after he discovered a stash of old scaffolding planks.

The boards, he commented, were "made from a good quality pine" and "full of character," resulting in "strong, sturdy, salvaged" furniture, which will, no doubt, last for years.

She made the decision to leave school because the role was "just too good to refuse." The actress told Gallagher that she hated Sky's hair and it made things difficult for her in real-life, saying "A couple of times I walked into a shop and people watched me, waiting to see if I was going to steal anything." Ric Pellizzeri, Neighbours' executive producer, said the show was reflecting reality by becoming more contemporary.

He said "We are not condoning or promoting homosexuality...ultimately, we're telling a story about tolerance".